how to buy axion, and how the time deposits work

What is Axion

Axion is aiming to be a global monetary system that is designed to increase the purchasing power of the Axion Network participants. It's a token and Axion network offers a staking function for the DEcentralized FInance(DeFi) Certificate of Deposits(CD).

Axion has a very lively and active community, and the team is keen on taking feedback and taking votes on matters that have an effect on how Axion develops. 

I recommend that you join the Axion Telegram group, both the regular one and the "Announcement" channel so you don't miss important information from the team. They also have Discord-server, and that's the most important one to follow if you'd like to keep up with the latest news and discussions. You can get the invite-links from website.

Axion has taken great measures to become one of the most secure platforms, with audits made by Hacken and Certik, which both are highly regarded in the crypto community.

what is Axion, and what makes it unique

Unique Selling Points of Axion

  • For every staking period, 80% of the ETH from daily auctions is used to buy back Axion tokens from exchanges, and these are distributed to the stakers proportional to their stakes. This leads to a boost in the token economy and is a great incentive for users to keep their tokens staked
  • Credit Card solution accepts Axion Tokens as collateral
  • Green investment. 1% of ETH from auctions is given to Eden reforestation program
  • 8% yearly inflation
  • 100% of inflation goes to the Axion holders.
  • 100% of the penalties go to the auction pool

The Eden Reforestation Project

The Eden Reforestation Project(ERP) is a Non-Profit organization The purpose of the organization is to gather funds to employ poor people to grow, plant, and guard forests. 

Their vision is to plant 500 million trees yearly in 2025. 

The founder of Axion declared shortly after Axion was launched that 1% of the income from Axion auctions will be given to this organization.

When investing in Axion, you also give hope and income to the poor people helped by ERP and you make the planet greener. is a site dedicated to crypto CD's

More information

Be sure that you carefully read the Axion Whitepaper

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