how to stake your axion tokens to get big returns

Staking is the term you use when you lock up your tokens for a period of time. Stake length is decided by the user and can be set between 1 day up to 5555 days(~15 years). There is no universal stake tactic, every staker have their own goals and plans for the future.

I will describe things that are important to know when staking so you don't miss out on bonuses and are subject to penalties. 

The rewards for staking are dividends in the form of AXN tokens. Long stakes increase your div's, as well as big stakes. 

Earn BitCoin and altcoins when staking AXN on the Axion platform

Venture Capital Auction

In early 2021 Axion will initiate what is called Venture Capital Auctions (VCA). Not all details are known when I write this, but it's been said that there are going to be 2 auctions a week, with 1 billion AXN in the auction pool, that will be so-called VCA's. The ETH paid in these auctions by auction-participants will be used to buy wBTC(wrapped BitCoin) + another altcoin. These coins will be redistributed to those who have active stakes. This is a unique feature in the crypto space and the best thing about this is that your dividends from the VCA will be available to you directly, you don't have to wait until your stake matures.

This is of course a huge incentive to make longer stakes, and therefore boost your shares, as the size of the payouts is correlating to your amount of shares. These rewards will be available for you right after the auction ends, with no lock-up period. 

So there is going to be 4 ordinary Axion auctions, with the rewards paid out in axion tokens, added to your stake and available when your stake matures, and 2 bigger VCA's that will reward you with wBTC and another altcoin. More information about this is going to be published later. 

a short guide on how you stake axion token

Staking Axion


You are allowed to unstake at any given moment, but you will be paying an Early Unstake Penalty if you not fulfill your stake. 

How penalties are calculated

The penalty is calculated on stake length, how big part of the stake that is fulfilled, and the calculated sum of stake and payout by the end of the stake.

There is also a Late Unstake Penalty if you leave your stake unattended after your stake is completed. After the 14 day grace period you are penalized 0.143% per day that the stake is not closed.

Stake axion for long time for better returns

Longer stakes pay better

Longer stakes pay better because longer stakes generate more shares as bonuses for the staker. Roughly you gain 20% bonus shares per year you are staked, up to roughly 5 years max.

In the Axion contract, there are 5 Big Pay Days(BPD) and the first is day 351 after launch. A Big Pay Day is a bonus for stakers and an incentive to have active stakes for longer periods of time. The tokens rewarded at BPD comes from unclaimed Freclaim Axion tokens.

stake over big pay days for bonus

To be eligible for BPD payout your stake has to be active for 350 days or more. It does not matter if you place your stake 5 days prior to a BPD, as long as the total length of the stake is 350 days or more.

1st BPD pays 10% of total unclaimed Axion tokens

2nd BPD pays 15% of total unclaimed Axion tokens

3rd BPD 20%

4th BPD 25%

5th BPD 30%. Year 5 is also the last year with BPD.

Of course, there is a downside to make long stakes, and that is that no one knows what the future will hold. So it's important that you take some time and think out strategies that suit you.

Stake Axion and avoid the penalties
Axion token mature stake segment with actions to withdraw your stake

When your stake has matured, they will show up under the " Matured stakes" segment. 

On the right side, we see the "Actions" button. When pressed you'll get the options to either restake your tokens or withdraw them. When withdrawn they will be sent to your wallet.

More about Share rates


pay attention to your share rate

When staking you should pay attention to your share rate. The short version about Shares is that the share rate is what determines the returns you will get from your stake, as it tells you what share you'll receive from the daily payout pool. More shares = Bigger share of the payout pool=Better returns on your stake.

The share rate is designed to become more expensive with time, this means that early stakes will receive better returns than late stakes given they deposit the same amount of tokens.

To put it simply: There are 10 active stakes running. Your stake has 10 Shares, the other 9 have 90 shares together with a total of 100 shares.

The payout from Daily Auction on day X is 50,000 Axion. Your share is 1/10 of the total shares. Your stakes reward is for day Y 5,000 Axion tokens.

Staking Guide

When making a stake, you must go to the staking platform. It's labeled "Staking in the top menu. 

Under the headline "Create deposits" you'll see three boxes. The left box shows your connected MetaMask Account's AXN Balance. Above that, you can enter the amount of Axion you would like to stake.

Axion staking page

In the center box, you set the length of your stake, from 1 day up to maximum 5555 days. Put some time into planning your stakes. 

The right box shows you the stat's of that particular stake you are planning. At the top you see " Shares" The shares are attached to that particular stake, and the shares tell the Axion smart contract how much of the daily payouts this stake is going to get. More shares are better.

Longer stakes get bonus shares that are added to your total share rate.  "Share rate" tells you what price a share is in AXN, in the picture you see "Share rate 1.03" and it roughly means that for one share you need 1.03 AXN tokens. 

Axion has 5 big pay days that boost your dividends

You'll also see the 5 Big Pay Days(BPD) and their dates. If you place a stake, longer than 350 days, over the date of when a BPD occurs, your stake will receive additional BPD-bonuses. If you stake over all of the 5 BPD you will get a fantastic bonus altogether.

Before you deposit, take your time and play around with the amounts and the time and see how it all affects your share rate.

When you press "Deposit" you have to confirm the transaction in MetaMask, and pay gas fees. You can after the transaction completed,  refresh your browser and scroll down a bit on the "Staking" page, and you will see your deposit(s). 

Deposits page on Axion network

There you'll see all the information necessary about your stake, and it's progress. Start/End date, How far has your stake progressed, what was your principal, how many shares has your stake, what bonus will the stake get when passing the BPD dates and under "Interest" you will see the total interest earned, in AXN.

On the right side, we see the "Actions" button which you use when the stake is 100% mature to collect your principal and interest. If you withdraw before it reaches 100% you will be penalized, so be careful.

Return of Investment


Here is a graph showing you the power of Axion compared to HEX regarding the Return of Investment(ROI) taken from the Axion Whitepaper. The Y-axis shows the ROI and X-axis the percentage of the total supply that is staked.

Graph showing the advantage of Axion