Checking the HEX Snapshot

Hex snapshot Axion on etherscan

To see if you're eligible for the Axion freeclaim you can control if your wallet address is listed on the Snapshot on Etherscan. To do that only follow these three steps after visiting the snapshot page.

  1. Go to the "Holders" button (located above the transaction list, labeled 1. in the picture)
  2. Push the magnyfying glass and paste your HEX wallet Address in the search bar and press find(labeled 2.)
  3. If you held HEX with that particular wallet address on May 28th you should see your wallet address and the quantity of HEX at that time. This is the amount of Axion you can claim at while connected to the network with that adress active in MetaMask.
Hex snapshot on etherscan for Axion freeclaim

Freeclaim Axion for HEX holders

Axion freeclaim for hex holders

This is a  short guide on how to freeclaim your Axion tokens. HEX and Axion are two totally separated projects. With that said, the Axion developers are offering HEX-holders the ability to freeclaim Axion tokens as an hommage to HEX for the pioneering spirit and innovation in bringing CD's to the crypto world.

HEX freeclaims will be available over a period of 350 days starting from Launch Day. If you were in possession of HEX with an ETH address on May 28th, 2020 ( staked or not) you are eligible to claim free Axion ratio 1 HEX= 1 Axion. There is an upper limit of 10 million Axion that can be claimed by ONE address. Follow this guide to check the snapshot if you are eligible for the Axion freeclaim.

Axion freeclaim, claim before the penalties are active

If you claim your Axion at Launch Day, there is no penalty, but for every week that you don't claim there is a 2% penalty(0,2857% per day) that is sent to the auction pool. After day 350 after launch, your claim is 0, and all your tokens have gone to the auction pool.

No matter when you claim during the 350 day period, your claimed Axions will be autostaked for 1 year.

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Youtube tutorial on checking the snapshot.

Here's a video tutorial from the developers of Axion if you need more help with checking the snapshot.

how to check your hex snapshot when freeclaim Axion
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