AXION, a High-Interest Crypto CD

Tutorial on how to buy the axion token

When you buy Axion you become an early adopter of what we believe is one of the crypto world's most innovative and rewarding currencies.

Axion is a token, that you can trade on exchanges and use on the Axion network. The basic idea of Axion is that you stake(deposit) it for a period of time, in exchange for interest, just like a traditional Certificate of Deposit(CD).

I firmly believe that this is the future. The founders have several times proved their innovative skills during the launch phase and post-launch. Keep reading for more information on why Axion could be your golden ticket.

Axion contributes to reforestation of the planet

The founder of Axion also announced that 1% of income from the Axion auctions will be donated to the Eden Reforestation program. So when buying from the Axion auction, you will not only invest in a brighter future for yourself, you also contribute to a brighter future for generations to come.

We at AxionGuide aim to make Axion understandable to newcomers and for experienced crypto investors.

Be aware that the information provided here is not to be considered as financial advice in any way. Continue reading for a complete tutorial on how to buy Axion and be sure you use the bonus links for 10 % extra tokens when buying your Axion tokens.

Short info about Relaunch and HEX3T

  • 8% yearly inflation

  • 80% of ETH from Auction is used to reward stakers
You buy axion by visiting the daily auction pool and you gain 10% bonus using my links

Why Axion?

Why you should buy axion

Axion is not the first crypto solution that provides the service of offering Certificates of Deposits on blockchain technology. But to be first is doesn't always mean that you're the best.

Axion has taken a great idea and refined it to make it even greater. The focus of Axion is that investors shall be rewarded, not the founder. 

A large amount (80%) of income from auctions directly enriches the Axion system through buybacks, this means that the ETH put in the daily auctions is used to buy back tokens from UniSwap and redistribute them to the stakers, thus boosting the token price and promotes staking. The remaining 20% goes to the developer's fund, for the development of future applications in the Axion Ecosystem.

Axion freeclaim tutorial for hex holders

If you were in possession of HEX by May 28th 2020 you may be eligible for the Axion freeclaim. More info about Axion freeclaim

Quick guide on how to buy Axion


How to create a MetaMask wallet

Visit and install the MetaMask browser extension and open a software wallet. Keep your seedphrase in a safe place. More info


Buy Ether for acquiring Axion

Buy Ether(ETH) from a trusted Exchange.

I recomend Kraken (Globaly) or for european users Safello. Follow their simple guides for purchase.

More info


Buy axion at the daily auction

Visit Axion Auction pool and bid the amount of ETH you want. By the end of that day you will recieve your proportional share of the Axion tokens up for auction.  More info

How does the Axion Auction work?

Introduction to the Axion daily auctions with step-by-step guide

Potential investors that would like to buy the Axion token have the option to buy Axion by bidding ETH to the Daily Auction. The price of the Axion token is determined by the amount of Axion tokens available that day and the total amount of ETH sent into the auction that day. Youtube introduction.

By using the bonus offered on this site you will gain 10% extra Axion when buying through the Axion Daily Auction.

How does the Axion Auction pool work, and use the bonus offered on this site

For example: On day X, 100,000 Axion tokens are in the auction pool. You bid 1 ETH. When that day ends the total amount of ETH sent to the auction that day sums up to 10. Since your bid equals 1/10 of the total ETH bidden that day you will receive 1/10 of the tokens. That gives you 10,000 Axion tokens on that day's auction. Using the bonus offered here you will receive 11,000 Axion tokens.

How to buy Axion

  1. Go to
  2. Input the amount of ETH you would like to bid
  3. Press send and let the transaction complete
  4. When the Auction ends (07:00 GMT) you will see a "Withdraw" button on the Auction page, when pressed the total amount that you purchased, including the 10% bonus offered here, will show up on the "Staking" page.
  5. All tokens bought in the Auction are autostaked for 14 days. This means that after 14 days, you press "Withdraw" next to your stake and let the transaction complete. Now your Axion tokens will show up in your Wallet.

The Axion auction platform is simple. The left box contains information on your connected MetaMask accounts ETH balance(1) and top center you have a field labeled "Input"(2). This is where you put the amount of ETH you would like to bid in the active day's auction.

You'll also have the "Send" button(3) where you send your ETH to the smart contract. When you've pressed that you got to confirm the Transaction in MetaMask.

Tutorial on how to buy Axion in the Axion weekly auction

In the right box, you have "AXN pool"(4). This tells you the total quantity of Axion tokens that are up for auction this particular day. The right side is the "ETH Pool"(5). That shows you the total amount of ETH that users have sent on this day.

"Auction price"(6) This tells you what amount of AXN you get for 1 ETH when you buy through the auction. Below that you see "Uniswap price"(7) which shows you how much AXN you get for 1 ETH on UniSwap. 

What you don't see in the picture is that by using the bonus offered on this site you will get 10% extra tokens when buying through the auction.

  • AXN bought at auction is autostaked for 14 days

  • The final price of AXN in the auction is set when auction ends

The auction closes at 07:00 GMT. The amount of tokens you will get is determined first when auction closes, not when you place your bid.

When you buy Axion in the Daily Auctions, your AXN is autostaked for 14 days. This means that they're locked in a 14 day long deposit, and you will earn interest, just as a regular stake. After the 14 days has passed, you can withdraw your tokens. To see your autostaked tokens, you must go to the "Staking" page.

When you scroll down on the Auction page you will see your placed bets and coming auctions.

What's Axion's unique Buyback?

Axion have a unique way of boosting token price and raise interest for investors

80% of the ETH placed in the Daily Auction is used to buy back Axion tokens from the UniSwap DEX. This is meant to reduce the number of tokens up for trade, this will boost the token price. The tokens bought will then be redistributed to active stakes.

This will be a great incentive to have active stakes, and another reason for you to aim for the largest share rate possible because the share rate determines what share of the payout you(your stake) will receive. Read more about shares

Minimum Auction Bid

For price protection of Axion, there is a safety mechanism called Minimum Auction Bid(MAB). MAB will initially be calculated from the 7-day average price on UniSwap -10%.

This means that if there is a very small amount of ETH sent in, you get 10% below UniSwap price, and the tokens that are unsold will roll over to the next auction. By using my bonus, you will get 10% extra on top of that, and 20%, that's a great deal!

The big weekly auctions are the most likely to have the MAB kicking in because there is such a huge amount of AXN up for sale.

The tokens that are up for auction comes from unconverted Axion and penalties that are built into the Axion contract. You can read more about penalties in the Axion staking guide.

Axion freeclaim for HEX-holders

Freeclaim Axion for HEX holders

HEX and Axion are two totally separated projects. With that said, the Axion developers are offering HEX-holders the ability to freeclaim Axion tokens as an hommage to HEX for the pioneering spirit and innovation in bringing CD's to the crypto world. 

Blackboard showing calulations on Axion economics

Axion economics and Staking

Axion generates interest by inflation. The axion Contract rewards stakers based on 5 principles

  • The amount staked

  • The total amount staked by everyone else

  • The period for which the user stake their Axion tokens.

  • The Axion flat inflation rate, that is compounded daily

  • The total amount of ETH placed in the auction daily.

The Axion team has focused on rewarding the stakers and the community. More info about Axion

Read more about staking in the Axion staking Guide

More information on how to create a metamask wallet for buying Axion

Create a MetaMask wallet

Before you buy your first Ethereum you need a wallet to deposit it in, and I recommend that you use MetaMask which is a very popular and secure software wallet that's easy to get started with. It's also compatible with the majority of projects and now the only wallet that is compatible with the Axion network. It also allows you to add a hardware wallet later on if you want. A hardware wallet is a USB dongle that adds a physical step(often a push of a button on the dongle) when transferring digital assets, this makes your assets very secure.

MetaMask is a browser extension and is also available on Android and iOS.

It's easy to get things started, just be sure that you install the real deal, there are some scam-applications circulating. One secure way is to visit and go to "Download" and choose which browser/OS you are adding it to.

If you're using Firefox you can also go to Add-ons located under the menu tab in the top right corner. Use the search bar on top and enter "metamask" and click on the top result(by creator Dan Finlay) Install the add-on and get started with creating your account.

The same thing can be done on Chrome if you press the AddOn-symbol(a piece of a puzzle) in the top right corner and search for MetaMask.

Now you are ready to create your own account. Just follow the steps on MetaMask and create an account and let the adventure begin. Remember to write down your seed phrase and keep it in a safe place. Don't ever send or show your seed phrase to anyone.

Ether (ETH)

What is ETH and how can i use it to buy Axion

ETH is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum enables the deployment of smart contracts, like Axion. That enables that projects can use the infrastructure of Etherium for trading or interacting with the smart contract. The currency, ETH, is the second-largest cryptocurrency, only beaten by BitCoin. 

When making transactions on the Ethereum network, you have to pay something called a Gas fee. The fee ranges from a couple of cents up to a couple of dollars, depending on the traffic currently on the blockchain. 

When trading or making stakes, you better include the gas fees in the calculation.


Most of us know that the initial launch was sabotaged and on the planned relaunch date the whole Ethereum had problems. That made the team take the wise decision to postpone the launch to the next day( November 12th)

HEX3T airdrop

Because of the sabotage, the team had to create new tokens, both new Axion tokens, and presale tokens, formerly known as HEX2T, now it's HEX3T.

If you had the old HEX2T-, or old Axion-tokens before the exploit you should have received an airdrop of the new Pre-token HEX3T.

You have to add the new token address to MetaMask. HEX3T address is


To add a token in MetaMask , scroll down in the main window, press "Add token" then choose "Add custom token". 

Now you copy/paste the new contract address in the address field and press "Next". Now you are able to see your airdropped tokens.

Now, if you want to claim your axion, you have to visit Make sure that you allow Axion-site access to your MetaMask account. 

Go to the "Claim" page, enter the number of HEX3T you want to convert, and press "Send". Now there are a series of transactions that you have to confirm on MetaMask so be sure you have a sufficient amount of ETH for gas fees. 

When all transactions have completed, you should be able to see your AXION on your MetaMask account. If not, press the button labeled "Add to MetaMask" found at the top.

How to buy Axion, freeclaim Axion and how to stake Axion

The information on this site should not be considered as financial advice. We are not part of the Axion team